About the Author

unnamedWarren Henry Rothman holds three degrees from Yale University, B.A. (1965), LL.B. (1970), and M.A. (1970). He is fluent in written Chinese and spoken Mandarin. As a Freshman at Yale College he began his study of Chinese history which became his principal academic pursuit. In 1980, just after China opened to foreign trade and investment, he was recruited to work for a major multinational to manage projects in China and throughout Asia and Eastern Europe.

Since the 1990's, Rothman has focused nearly all his attention as a lawyer and management consultant on China for industrial, media, and Internet projects. In 2000, he moved to Beijing to work full time for an elite law firm. He abruptly left China in 2008 after the experience described in this book. Rothman, a tenor, has sung opera professionally and is currently working on recordings to be released in 2016.